My name is Illuminate and I am an illustrator and lenticular artist. I care deeply for the environment and for all sentient beings. My artistic goal is to produce work that captures the humor of our outlandish society and the ultimate mystery of existence.  The intent is to elicit inquiry, train discernment, and empower ones consciousness to rise above the shallowness of our contemporary culture. 

Images are not arbitrary glyphs but, rather, portals into another dimension of reality. The power to transform and catalyze perception lies in a combination of the artist's intentions and the viewer's reception. Each piece contains stories and symbolism about my philosophy and sense of the divine.  Some images appear chaotic and some funny, but at the heart of it all is my attempt to guide the viewer through realms of symbolic language towards the transcendent understanding of our world/self relation. My belief is that we are all divine characters in the storybook of life, and above all else, we are one soul. The liberating truth is non-duality.  All is connected and shaped by the same ultimate source.  

Feel free to message me if you are interested in collaborating or learning any  more. 

My worldly/artistic goals

  • Lenticular Printing - Craft the next generation of holograms that illustrate the most profound aspects of life and ultimate reality.

  • Spiritual TV Show - Curve the senseless violence and bad jokes that permeate mainstream television. Help combine spirituality and tolerance into a stimulating package.

  • Children's Books - Write and illustrate books that easily share the ideas of altruism, open acceptance and compassion. 

  • Conscious Editorial Illustration - Aid those in need of expressing their ideas through the visual medium.  

  •  Visionary T-Shirts - Design revolutionary T-shirt designs that express only the most positive and unifying statements. 

  • Textile/Toy Design - Produce detailed, unique patterns that can be used for a variety of applications, like bedsheets, tapestries, puzzles, boxes, and lampshades.d